Your MOS/Rating is HIGH or MEDIUM for Tinnitus?

Then this is the course for you! We normally charge $1,995 for our coaching services. You get our expertise, video coaching and the confidence you need to file a winning tinnitus claim.

  • First time filing instructions

    If you have never filed a claim on, don't worry, this course will walk you through it.

  • You filed but were denied, we got your back

    We will walk you through EXACTLY how to file your tinnitus claim after the VA denied. Providing you the exact form you need and showing you how to fill it out.

  • Prep for your C&P Exam

    You will be provided the prep you need to have a successful C&P exam for tinnitus. The exact same coaching we provide our veteran clients, is yours with this curriculum.

Course curriculum

    1. So you want to file a disability claim for tinnitus?

    2. Why should you consider filing for tinnitus?

    3. But what if I don't have any military medical records?

    4. You can win a tinnitus claim WITHOUT military medical records!

    5. Check your MOS/Rating against the Duty MOS Listing Guide

    6. The Duty MOS Listing Guide for your reference

    7. Next, lets start working on your statement in support of claim!

    8. Statement in Support of Claim VA Form 21-4138

    9. VBA-21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim (Most updated) download this for your tinnitus claim!

    10. What should be in your tinnitus statement?

    11. Have you misplaced or lost your DD214?

    12. The crucial part of your tinnitus statement!

    1. Have you filed before?

    1. Filing your claim on, the easiest and fastest way.

    2. Filing with your local VSO or Accredited Agent

    3. Here is your VA Form 21-526EZ PDF

    4. Filling out VA Form 21-5126EZ, VA Disability Compensation Claim Form

    5. Mailing your completed VA Form 21-526EZ

    1. Understanding VA form 20-0995

    2. Supplemental Claim Form 20-0995 for your download

    3. Filling out VA Form 20-0995 step-by-step

    4. Mailing Address for Supplemental Claim Form 20-0995

    1. Your final checklist!

    2. Need a copy of your DD214?

    1. Now it is time to prep for you C&P exam

Take control of your tinnitus claim today!

  • $49.95
  • 25 lessons

This is the same process we coach our veteran clients through!